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Vienna State Opera
August 2015

In the sold-out Vienna State Opera for the first time worldfamous hits by Queen, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and others. Friedemann Riehle conducted the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, a rock band and four strong-voiced singers. This repertory of classic rock attracts several generations and is not yet exploited. The audience reacted enthusiastically to this show in the State opera.

Berlin Konzerthaus
October 2010

Under the title of Symphony in Rock, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and its conductor Friedemann Riehle succeeded in the impossible: a perfect combination of rock music and wide symphonic sound. The orchestra is not just decoration, but the central point for authentically translated rock music. Friedemann Riehle has been now, for many years, a specialist in philharmonic rock productions.


“Brain Damage/Eclipse” marked the preliminary punch line in a beaming and massive, and quite honestly, grandiose version. It is fantastic how Riehle utilizes all of the possibilities of the orchestra in order to maintain the original music’s arc of suspense. Obviously there are standing ovations and, after what seems like an eternity, the Police classic “Every Breathe You Take” in a rather shortened, yet truly convincing version.

Christian Schmidt-Brucken, Crossover-agm

…a perfectly classical interpretation of legendary rock songs… It is more than just a simple reproduction, rather, it purely and unpretentiously sweeps one away

Luxemburger Tageblatt
Palermo Teatro Massimo
May 2007

Big ovations of applause yesterday afternoon at the Teatro Massimo for the excellent performance of “Symphonic Rock” conducted by Maestro Friedemann Riehle. The Teatro, crowded with young people, seemed to explode at the end of the concert with so much warm applause expressing enthusiastic thanks to the orchestra and the vocalists.

Musica Loredana Mannina

…a concert that, for once (as an exception), offered real broadening horizons.

Zitty - Berliner Stadtmagazin
Lake Constance
July 2011

Grandiose voices and a super atmosphere. The Southwest – German Philharmonic excited the audience during the third rock night on the Mainau Island. Hammond organ and synthesizer have become the sound of strings; aggressive guitar has become strong and rapid brass impact, all with dazzling percussion in the background (guest: František Hönig) and a soloist woodwind central block flashing it up.